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Bella Interiors is proud that you have selected COM (Customer's-Own-Material). It means you want a customized look to enhance you environment. This service is available on products that have the COM symbol on the product page only.

Creating a custom look can be overwhelming with all the fabrics and trim options available. Here at Bella Interiors we want the process to be enjoyable and rewarding. That is why we have listed some guidelines for you to follow in picking out your fabric and trim options.

It is essential after you have determined the exact look you want on the 'Bella Piece' that you contact our Product Specialists by e-mail at or by phone toll-free 1.877.78Bella. After careful consideration we can tell you exactly the options available to you on the piece you have selected and figure the correct yardage for your purchase. There are no limits but your imagination!

Bullion Fringe on
Rolled Back Dining Chair



When Selecting your Fabric please bare in mind these simple rules:

  • Fabric must be inspected prior to sending it to us for flaws.
  • Fabric must be pre-washed and continuous yardage. No multiple pieces.
  • Leather,Quilted Fabric, and Bed Sheets regretfully cannot be used due to thickness of material.
  • Regretfully excess yardage cannot be returned.
  • Contrasting fabrics, welts, fringes, nail head trim and skirt options are available. Please ask your Product Specialist which ones are available on your piece chosen. Here are just some of the possibilities:
Bullion Fringe Skirt


Ruffled Arm Skirt
Nail-Head Trim



Contrasting Welt on Seat Cushions & Pillows



Contrasting Wide-Skirt Fabric
Contrasting Fabric on Back & Seat with Block Pillow Design

Contrasting Welt/Fabric
Slip Cover Arm Fabric

Bow-Draped & Sheared-Arm
with Knot-Pillow

  • Striped Fabrics are not recommended on tufted furniture due to distortion of stripe.
  • Striped Fabrics will be arranged vertically, unless you request horizontal striping.
  • The Central Design on a fabric will always be centered on the item unless you prefer it not to be which must be indicated on your Order Form.
Vertical Stripes
on Wing Back Chair
Fabric Yardage is important in the production of your piece since underage can cause delays in shipment.  This is why at Bella Interiors we prefer to guide and help you with the process.  With the many different options available today estimating the correct amount can be daunting. When talking with our Designers a few basic terms need to be understood:

1.     Bolt—
Refers to the Fabric and how it is sold. Most fabric is sold in continuous runs on a spool in 54” widths.   Fewer yards of fabric are required for larger widths.

2.  Pattern Repeat—The larger the size of a pattern is the more fabric is required.  Most fabrics will list it’s pattern repeat in inches, however if this is not available find the start of a pattern and when it begins again and measure in inches.  Plaid Fabrics will generally increase total yardage by 30%.

3.  Non-Railroaded Fabric—Generally fabric patterns are woven or printed vertically along the bolt. The use of this type of fabric on a large piece of furniture requires   seams (usually 2 in a non-cushion back).  Two or Three cushion back sofas or loveseats usually don’t require this seam, but will require generally 30% more fabric.

Three Cushion Back Sofa with
Non-Railroaded Fabric &
Center Pattern Match
4. Railroaded Fabric—A fabric is “railroaded” when it is woven or printed horizontally.

When fabric runs across the furniture horizontally it eliminates any seams creating a more professional look on non-cushion back sofas or loveseats:


Railroaded Fabric on Sofa
with No Seams

Please be advised that ‘plain fabric’ is railroaded.  If you need further assistance with any of the terms here please feel free to contact our Product Specialists.



1) You have spoken with our Designers about your fabric yardage.

2) You have made a ‘rough’ draft of your custom options and have purchased all your material.

You are now ready to send it to the Bella COM Department:

3) Fill out the COM ORDER FORM; and, print it out.

4) Attach your completed COM Order Form to your ‘rough’ draft with 1” squares of your fabrics and trims. NOTE: If your fabric and Order Form/Rough Draft are to be sent to us separately, please indicate this on your order form.

5) On the mailing label of any packages containing fabric, please write in ‘BOLD’ letters:

Attention COM Department

6) Please be sure to include your name and return address on ANY and ALL correspondance and packages your send to us.

7) Remember to insure your package in the unlikely event it becomes lost!

8) Once we have received your material, your COM Order Form, and your ‘Rough’ Draft with fabric samples attached, then, we will send you a confirmation of your order via e-mail or snail mail and we will provide you an estimated date of delivery.